Little Miss Backseat Driver

Monday, February 14, 2011
Sheena and I have been trying to help our daughter learn colours.

She's getting it, but on occasion will shout "Pink!" for absolutely no reason.

Which leaves me wondering: is there such a thing as colour turrets?

But then, then, she'll do something absolutely brilliant like point at the different colours on her jammies and tell you what they're called. This makes us fell like good parents, and we pat ourselves on the back for a brilliant job educating our daughter.

Yes, she's quite smart.

Perhaps too smart.

The other night Makiah and I were driving through town and while stopped at a red light I began making funny faces at her in the mirror.  This is a common event while driving. Then something new happened. I'm in the middle of my best goofy face, one that usually causes her to bust out laughing, when she begins pointing straight ahead and shouting "Green! Green! Green! Green!"

I look up and see the light has changed.

As I start to drive away I look back and she my daughter all proud of herself. While it's wonderful seeing  her full of self-confidence, I can't help but wonder if she's more proud of herself for corectly identifying the light colour, or prompting my driving.

I think it might be more the latter.

I can't believe that she's not even two and already an excellent back seat driver. I'd be more proud if it wasn't kind of annoying.