Tuesday, February 8, 2011
I was at the police station yesterday getting my fingerprints taken.

I should point out that I wasn't in trouble with the law.

I was getting a criminal record check taken.

Apparently, they don't want to just take my word for it.

I'm in the process of applying with the school ditrict to volunteer at a local elementry school helping kids improve their reading skills. 

I'm excited about the prospects of helping in a local school. And I totally understand, and even appreciate, the criminal record check. But here's the thing, I'd love it if someone would explain to the guy taking the fingerprints, that not everyone having their prints taken is a criminal.

It wasn't a police officer who processed my digits. And this guy had some attitude on him. To his credit he softened as we went along, but at first I thought he was going to throw me in a cell until they got word back from Ottawa.

It turns out that not everyone doing a criminal record check needs to be printed, however, if you share a birthday with someone with a record you're going to get inked. And that ink does not wash off easily. I still have a bit of ink on my hands.

So, does anyone have any suyggestions for getting this stuff off? I promise not to raise any suspicions about your past.