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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
When there's snow outside, such as there is in Kelowna today, it isn't all that difficult to think pleasantly of Christmas coming. It's seems to be coming fast, as if to say: "Ready or not, here I come." It is, after all, December 1st today.

This Friday is our Church's kickoff to the holiday season with our children presenting a Charlie Brown Christmas. Then Monday night is our youth Christmas dinner. Six days later our Church is having a Christmas dinner and before you know it Christmas eve is less than a week away.

It's a lot of Christmas celebration packed into a few days. If one isn't properly prepared they might be more of a Lucy and Less of a Linus.*

To help you prepare I thought I'd share with you a new Christmas music video from our friends** Coldplay. This video have everything: fireworks, violin playing Elvis', and a piano that plays itself.

Also, you may wish to head over to and watch the music video there as five cents is donated for every play. Why not? The video is not only holiday themed, yo swell with anticipation in the last few seconds, and it's directed by the guy who did Napoleon Dynamite. That's what you call, win, win, win.


* Lucy, you might say, is kind of the Grinch in a pre-heart transformation sort of way, of A Charlie Brown Christmas, where as Linus is the Grinch in a post heart transformation sense. If you're still confused by this reference you should watch the film or join us Friday night at 6pm.

** Friend is used here in a very loose way. I have never met the fellows who make up Cold Play and have therefore not befriended them. They seem like friendly folks but there is no relationship between them and I, or even between them and someone I know. I am thus unable to even consider vicarious friendship with the members of this band.