Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Well, it's been a month since I've written. This is a feeble attempt to explain why.

The past month was filled.

We packed a lot in.

We did some stuff, but God was doing more.

And I'm still trying to sort it all out.

Here's the thing, in the past month I've experienced some of the most incredible ministry highlights ever. Also, in the past month, I've been through some very difficult ministry challenges. Yes, you could say the most difficult ministry challenges.

Funny how often they go together.

I want to say that it's been a joy to go through both, but somehow that seems wrong. Can it be a joy to go through challenges? Can it be a joy to walk though hardships with others?

I think that while is sounds totally wrong to say, we are supposed to declare with joy everything that God is doing in our lives--including the difficulties and hard times.

In the past month I haven't had much to say.

I've tried to listen a lot.

I've tried to observe and be with people where they are at in life.

To sit.

To be present.

To be available.

To understand.

Although, I have little understanding.

I have asked questions but I'm still waiting for the answer.

All I can do is rejoice that God is doinging something in my life and in the lives of many people around me.

It doesn't make sense.

It will probably never make sense.

I'm coming to grips wtih that.

What seems to make sense is all the great things that have happened in the past month. Here are a few of them that I'm celebrating today:

- We ran a VBS for pre-school kids at our church. And lots of kids came. I mean, there were never fewer than 18 children between the ages of 2 and 5 running around our church those four days.

- It's hard to be having a bad day when you're having a Dance Party that praises Jesus with four-year-olds.

-  I was part of an incredible group of 11 people (8 youth and 3 adults) who travelled to Port Hardy to partner with that church in their vision for reaching their community.

- In Port Hardy we saw over 70 kids come out to the camp we were helping put on.*

- God answered our prayer in regards to kids at the Port Hardy camp, and the answer was a surprise, not only in how many kids came, but because it revealed in ourselves a higher capacity than we imagined. 

- We've seen God move hearts toward him.

- We continue to meet more people and make new friendships.

- And our daughter, Makiah, is now walking and it's so much fun to watch her "run" towards other kids, tackle them, and give them hugs and kisses. Also enjoyable, how often she smashes Sheena's and my head together for a kiss then joins in.**

One of the greatest joys has been being with Sheena through everything. She had a part in everything that has happened in the past month: the high and the low. She is amazing, and a big part of why this past month has been amazing.

And so today I wish to declare that this what what God has been doing in my life: great joy and great challenge.

Please be praying for our youth who have been learning a lot as well, our church, the church in Port Hardy, and the pastor there.

thank you

- - - -

*Okay, kinda funny story. All along we were planning for a camp of about 35-40 kids because that's what we had the year previous. Then, a week and a half before the trip I spoke with their pastor and he asked if we could handle 50. I thought about their building size, space issues, leadership, and sighed, "I think we could do that." Then we got to town and he said, "registration is up to 60 and there's a waiting list." By the end of the camp we had 72 kids come through. We never had more than 62 in a single day, and that was probably a good thing.

**Less enjoyable is how often her kisses involves her tongue hanging out. I don't know where she learns that from. I know she likes puppies, and I'm beginning to think she wants to be one.