Bad Timing

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
I've never had great timing with anything.

Keep that in mind.

Recently our pastor made a comment in a sermon that "you're usually angriest when you're wrong."

Sheena wasn't in church with me at that moment, and I began wondering if, and when, I should share this information with her. 

That got me thinking. Besides the obvious answer, when they're hopping mad about being wronged, when is the worst time to tell someone, let's say your wife, that they're usually angriest when they're wrong.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

    - When they're yelling at the ref on TV, or from the stands, because he "made a bad call"

    - When I'm so wrong about something that it angers her

    - When they thought there was enough gas in the tank but are now stranded in the middle of no where

    - When you thought the cup holder would securely cradle the coffee but you forgot about the flailing foot of your toddler

    - When they thought the project would be a quick, easy, and cheap one and now wonders why there's no kitchen sink

    - When I look smug

    - When you're running in the downpour because a 20% chance of rain became 100%

    - Any time faecal matter is involved

What do you think? When would be the worst possible moment to tell someone that they're angriest when they're wrong?