VBS Next Week

Sunday, July 4, 2010
In the hours leading up to the kick off of a VBS I'm always a weird mix of excited, nervous, stressed, worshipful, and jittery and exhausted.

The jitters are really just from the high levels of caffeine in my body necessary because of the lack of sleep over the past two weeks. For some reason it's hard to sleep when the next days "to-do" list is much longer than the list of things accomplished that day. Eventually the VBS begins whether everything was accomplished or not. Often it's only little things that I think would make everything cooler that get missed. Well, they're only missed by me. Truthfully, given my track record to coolness, most people probably wouldn't find them all that cool anyway.

Usually the morning of the thrid day is the best day of VBS for me. Everyone's into a good routine and things are humming along. This is why two day VBS' just don't cut it for me. You miss the best day. The last day is never all that good, because it's the last day, and they are usually finale touches that I'm hoping work as well in real life as they should in my head.

Regardless, VBS begins tomorrow. I'm super excited, and typing fast because of the jitters. It's an awesome privilage to work with families and their children. One I'm trying to relish amidst all the things that are yet to be done.