More Haircut Hullabaloo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I've received a few personal comments about my hair cut yesterday.

Most were from Sheena and included beauties such as: "I could have done at least that good." "They shaved it too high on the side." "They left the bangs too long." And my favorite:  "They missed a spot at the back."

That's right, they missed a spot at the back.

I paid $13 for a partial haircut.

It's one thing when I miss a spot shaving or mowing the lawn. I can go back and fix it. I can't fix the back of my head.

So I'm hoping people will help me feel better about my do and share some of their haircut horrors in the comments.

For more on my haircut opinions read yesterdays post here.


crimxen said...

My last girlfriend worked at a Supercuts and she was the best stylist for my hair. Her name is Vanessa you should look her up.

just the other chris miller