Last Weak

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Sorry for not posting last week. Oh, and I was on such a roll. Here's what happened. The weekend (which was long in Canada) was occupied by a youth retreat. It was a great weekend of connecting with youth and helping youth connect with God. Because the weekend involved little sleeping and I live with at one-year-old infectious baby whom I can't refuse to hug, I got sick.

Some would call it a cold. It was more than that. It was a full blown man cold.

For insight on the man cold view this educational video.

Thank you to those of you who showed care and concern in a time of life threatening illness.

Last week* was also a week of sermon prep. Sunday I was delivering the message at our service, speaking on the relationship parents have with youth. It was a challenging yet rewarding topic to study further and present.

The extra reading, writing, nose blowing, phlegm excavation, and resting left little time for other activities such as writing.

This week I feel much more back to normal, and that means reading and thinking about the things that normally occupy my thoughts. I have a couple ideas in my head that I'm excited to share this week and hope you enjoy them too.

*the word "weak" would be equally accurate in this sentence because that is how I felt throughout the seven day duration.