Year One

Thursday, April 1, 2010
I went to two birthday parties last Saturday, both very different, yet both very much alike.

The first was for a little girl. My little girl. She turned one. Here's a picture of her celebrating:

I feel the need to tell you that we don't normally let her have so much cake. But, seeing as it was her birthday, and we wanted funny photos, we let her dive in. As you can probably tell, she loved it. By the time she had enough cake, pink icing was over most of her facial skin. You'd think we put a pink mud mask on her.

It was fun celebrating the year that was, one that went entirely too quickly. But then every parent says that, and every parent told us it would. We expected quickness. We didn't expect the quickness at which she learns stuff. She goes from giving no signs of an ability to suddenly doing something.

Case in point: nose picking.

She began performing the proboscis pick on her birthday. We have no idea when she actually learned to pull this off, we know only that we have many pictures with her digit lodged in her beak.

Here's a bit of advice for parents about to give a kid their own cake: don't put the cake within their reach until you are ready for them to dive in. If they dive in prematurely and you tell them no, which you are most certain to do because you want a picture of them with the cake and a lit candle on it, they may cry. You will then have pictures of a crying baby who is now hesitant to dive into the cake once you tell them it's okay because they fear being scolded again.

Unless you have a boy. A boy will probably be back in the cake before the flash even goes off.

Even with the nose picking, and the tears, the morning was a wonderful time of celebration, reflection, and looking ahead. By all accounts, there should be many birthdays to come. Especially, if she lives to be as old as her great, great grandmother.

Her birthday was in the afternoon.

Even more family gathered for that celebration--a 95th birthday party. It was a bit of a different kind of a party. Oh, it was every bit as joyous, and fun. It was just that a year in the life of a 95 year old is so much different than one for a one year old. The party was different too because we weren't just celebrating one year, but 95.

That's a lot to celebrate.

And it takes a lot more people to do properly.

Five generations gathered to mark the milestone of this matriarch. It wasn't a long party--parties never are with old people. There was no gathering to watch grandma eat cake. There were lots of pictures, and catching up with family not seen in a while. And lots of posing with grandma.

We got this picture of Sheena with her grandmother and the birthday girls. We're glad we got to be there for the birthday celebrations for two girls born ninety four years and a day apart. We and eager to see what the next year will hold for them and glad that we'll get to be part of it.

And, see what I mean about the nose picking.