My Very Baptist Daughter

Sunday, April 4, 2010
At just one year of age, our daughter is yet to experience the vastness of expressions that is Evangelical Christianity. By that I mean almost all of her of her 53 Sundays of Church going have been spent in a Baptist Church. That is beginning to become apparent.

Friday, Good Friday, we were at an interdenominational service. If you're unfamiliar with the term that means that all sorts of churches gathered to worship and remember Jesus together. It was a beautiful service.

Sheena and I were seated near the front in great seats, row three. There were many rows behind us. Looking back I could see fifteen rows of people. So could Makiah. She was trying to get to know all of them. She got to know the people right behind her very well.

When we stood to sing she was more interested in watching those around her than praising Jesus. By the second song a high percentage of the people behind her had their hands raised as they sang. They were praising Jesus.

She thought they were waving at her.

So she waved back.

She waved and waved until her arms got tired. Then she didn't know what do. Her look said: "Mom, these people keep waving. What's going on? Dad is it okay if I stop waving, I'm tired?"

Yes, how do you know your daughter might be a baptist? If she thinks that people only raise their arms to wave, she just might be a Baptist.