Apology Letters Vol. 2

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
To those troubled when the words affect and effect are misused:

I was leaving a comment today and couldn't decided whether to use "effect" or "affect." That's when I realized that I have no idea the difference between the two.

I'm sorry to all of you who know the difference and the appropriate usage of affect and effect. I'm sorry for all the times I've used one when I should have used the other. I'm working of ensuring that it won't happen again.

I read an eHow article sorting things out.

It affected me.

I'm smiling right now because of the cleverness of that last paragraph. If the internet is right, effect will never end in "ing" or "ed" because effect is a noun and affect is a verb.

I will continue to work on this, and other grammar issues, but you should know that it will happen again.

And I'll be sorry then too.

Dear Books:

I'm sorry. I judge you by the cover all the time. I know that I was taught not to do that but I am guilty of it.

You see, my book budget is limited. Besides, I have to get rid of one book for every new book procured. If you're going to replace a book that I love, or more realistically thought had a nice cover and purchased only to get a chapter and a half in and be too bored to pick up again, you better impress me right off the bat.

I'm talking first impressions here.

They matter.

I want to see an intriguing and beautiful cover. I want to flip through pages that seem worthy of the couple minutes that my eyes will be beholding them. I want to smell that intoxicatingly wonderful new book smell.

There are millions of books out there. Why should I invest in you?

I'm sorry for all the books that I've overlooked because your publishers didn't impress me. I really am.

And I'm sorry that I've made this apology more about me than you.