I NEED it...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
My two year old changes catch phrases more frequently than I change underwear.

Three days ago it was "Can't do it"

Two day's ago she was calling everyone "hun"

Now she'd onto "I need _____________. I Need _______________ right now."

And let me share with you some of the things she so desperately, in her own opinion, needs. Here are some of the ways she has filled in those blanks:

- to use the garden hose

- chocolate milk

- a chip

- a nap*

- blanket

- sit in front seat

- fruit snack

- stickers

- dolly

- eww**

Interesting that despite the food requests, none of which are classified as essential foods, nothing she "needs" are essential for life.

While I would love to be able to sit her down and explain the difference between needing and wanting, I realize that so often I need someone to have that very conversation with me. She has been cause to pause and examine how often I stomp my feet and demand things, reasoning they are needs, when I'm just pushing my wants and desires on others.

Perhaps there is a little two-year-old inside me that shows up every now and then.

_ _ _
* I was actually glad to hear her say this one

** Eww is her word for poo. As in I have to go to the bathroom.


blackhawkover said...

I love the asterisk.

Chris Miller said...

I love that she once in a while she uses "need" properly.