Dear Floss Picks

Monday, May 2, 2011
It should be stated that I am a long time supporter of the fight against gum disease.  I am not a user of floss picks, but I am behind you whole heartedly. I encourage products that ease people towards better oral health. 

However, it may be getting out of hand. 

What I mean is, Floss Picks, you may be making it too easy for people to clean their teeth. 

And here's why: I should never find myself in a situation like the other day when I encountered an individual using you outside. In front of Canadian Tire is no place to clean pits of pastrami from between your bicuspids.  That's gross.

"Never let lunch fester between your Incisors" is a slogan I wish to put on a t-shirt. Can't you picture it? The shirt would feature some big old from teeth with a chunk of romaine the size of Greenland wedged in there, and those words hanging around like the garlic dressing on the breath.  That shirt would be awesome. 

However, I don't want to see anyone doing anything about it. There are restrooms for that. 

Do you know what happens when people floss their teeth? 

Their teeth get clean. Which is awesome, but particles of nastiness go flying all over the place.  Can we keep those particles where they belong: like on the mirror?  When people floss on the sidewalk I might end up stepping in it. Or worse yet, what if a bit of food were to fly into my eye? 

I just threw up in mouth typing that question. 

I love you floss picks, but could you please make it a little less convenient for people to use you in public places?