Thursday, March 3, 2011
I never expected that as a youth pastor I'd do so much writing. Here's a list of some things I write regularly:

- sermons
- devotionals
- Bible studies
- to do lists
- correspondence
- youth talks
- board reports
- committee agendas
- annual reports
- budgets
- event descriptions
- advertisements
- directions
- permission forms

and just last week, I even wrote what someone was going to say on the phone to someone else. That may sound a bit odd, but given the situation made a lot of sense. I do a lot of writing. Sometimes I enjoy it. Sometimes I write what people are supposed to say on the phone to others.* For the most part I really enjoy writing. Good thing. A lot of my week is spent think up words.

Add writing to the list of things that no course on youth ministry prepared me for. I'm not complaining. Fortunately I like writing. This has just got me thinking that I should probably take some writing courses, or at the very least some grammar courses.

*I'm kidding, I didn't mind that so much.