Competitve Sleeping

Thursday, February 24, 2011
I had some trouble sleeping this morning. Then a funny thought poped into my head:

What if sleeping was a competitive sport?

Not that I think sleeping would be easier with the pressure of worrying about whether I was winning or loosing at it, but it was a crazy thought.  As with most crazy thoughts, my brain began to explore it. Coincidently, this led to more trouble sleeping.

Here are some of the thoughts:

If sleeping were a sport what would define victory?

Would it be for longest span of uninterrupted slumber, or for being able to function on the least amount of sleep? Or  would it be something else?

And why shouldn't sleeping be a sport? They made eating a sport, so perhaps more of our everyday routines should be turned competitive. And if more of our everyday routines were turned competitive, what else should be?

T.V. viewing
Grochery shopping
Thank You note writting

I think I'd most love to see a competition in sarcasm detection.  That would be crazy.

What about you, what everyday routines would you like to see turned competitive?