Saving Milk for Daddy

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Saturday Sheena and Makiah flew to Vancouver Island. Sheena's brother is getting married in a couple days and Sheena wanted to go early and help with last minute prep.

Typically when Sheena goes away for a week I try and keep myself as busy as possible. It is during times like these that I tackle house projects that generally go over better when she isn't around. A typical week of her absence looks like 5 days of me destroying the house and two of me trying to put it all back together.

Last night I began the putting it all back together phase.

I began the reconstruction in the living room.

For some reason I keyed in on Makiah's toys as the place to start.

Here's a fun fact about my daughter. She loves milk.

She loves milk so much that she doesn't want to stop drinking to play. She will do as much as she possibly can with a milk cup in one hand.

Now, if that milk cup has chocolate in it, I believe her hand and the cup become fused together. I'm pretty sure that somehow flesh and plastic become one.

It get's kinda gross.

I'm also pretty sure that this caused her to begin walking when she did. After a few weeks of trying to crawl with a milk cup in one hand she gave that up and when vertical.

Often when she's drinking and playing she'll put her milk cup down for the few things that she needs two hands for. Usually when she does this she puts the cup somewhere safe: as in, somewhere where I won't pick it up and relocate it to the fridge. Somewhere like in her toy box.

I'm never surprised anymore when I ask her to get her milk cup and she pulls it out of the toy box, or the doll house, or from under the TV. That is how she rolls.

And so last night I began putting away her toys in the living room and made a discovery: six day old milk.

Given the browness in the cup I think it was chocolate.

I hope it was chocolate.

I have much more cleaning to do tonight and I'm a little anxious about what I shall discover as I go.

Now I'm quite certain that my daughter is not the only toddler to have done this. Where have you found nasty old milk or other food your kid was saving for later?