Phone Pics

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
For being a low quality camera, the camera in our phone captures some pretty great moments. I thought I'd share a few today. 

Here's Makiah learning to shop by following the example of her mother. 

And here she is, last night, at her very first hockey game. While she didn't watch the puck all that much, there was plenty of action for her to check out. Of course during the game all I could think of was something I read earlier in the day from Owl Cit's blog. He recently posted The Top Ten Ridiculously Cool Advantages of Being a Hockey Goaltender. I recommend checking that out.  

And I found this on our holiday in Oregon. I don't know why a picture of Jesus is in the fantasy section. I think this demonstrates the difficulty people have with categorizing Jesus. Or someone is trying to be funny.