DCB Music Video

Friday, October 22, 2010
I was delighted to watch this music video this week

*Spoiler Alert* it is recommended that you watch the above video before reading the following:

I have some questions about this video. Now, I'm quite certain that no one from David Crowder Band will ever be reading this, but I'm posing them here because I fantasize that they will.

Dear DCB:

First, thank you.

Thank you for the delightful whimsy. Thank you for taking me back to a time when life was good: when sitting, putting pegs into a lamp that would damage my retinas, was an afternoon well spent.

Thank you for demonstrating that low tech can be high tech.

And thank you for reminding me how much I suck at Lite-Brite.

But why?

I get the Lite-Brite. That is not my issue.

Why do you insist on playing with my emotions?

Why did you do that to me?  Why did you cause me to fall in love with the characters, with this relationship? Why did I root them on as their love grew? Why did I cheer when they got married?

And why did I feel crushed when the green line goes flat?

Why did I empathize so much with a character created only from Lite-Brite pegs?

Why did you use a symbol of innocence, a child's toy, to remind me of pain of this world?


I'll probably never be able to look at Lite-Brite the same way again.