September 30

Thursday, September 30, 2010
I'm up early this morning with an incredible pile of things to do.

I have a coffee house with youth tonight to finish preparing for, and a sermon to write.

I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I need to share something with whoever will read it.

Four years ago today, I woke early, drove to Starbucks, drove to a house, met up with a bunch of guys, we put tuxedos on, had some pictures taken, then headed to a church where Sheena and I would become husband and wife.

Sometimes I can't believe all the incredible things Sheena and I have been a part of in the past four years. As great as our wedding day was, we've had greater days.* And I'm pretty certain that even better days are ahead, as we walk together wherever God leads.

Sheena, it's an honour to be married, and best friends, with someone who cares so deeply for me. You deserve much more than simple comments on the internet. Maybe I'll sing a sappy song about you tonight at the coffee house.

Sound good?

*maybe Sheena would disagree with me on that one. But then I'd remind her of the day Makiah was born (and nine months of nausea ended creating the double whammy of awesomeness), and I think she'd have to agree with me.