High Calorie

Monday, September 20, 2010
We love our daughter.

We think she's brilliant.

Out of the blue Sheena asked her to put something in the garbage and she did it quickly and percisly. And without formal training.

She's just that good.

She's not perfect though. We're aware of that.

We're currently enjoying a few days away down the Oregon coast. We took her to the aquariam today. She loves animals. And sure enough you'd think someone threw a giddy switch when she saw the sea lions swiming around. She went nuts. And we couldn't tear her away from the sea otters--which we tried, unsucessfully, for 45 minutes to convince her weren't puppies.

She still thinks sea otters are puppies.

I'm somehow holding her uncle Jason accountable for that.

Today we're in Newport Oregon.

Here's a few things I've leaned from our travels today.

1. Not every place called "South Beach" is glamorous.

2. If you need a sword* this is the place to come. I've seen more swords than people today.

3. If you take delicious clam chowder and add baby shrimp and tons of cheese you will create a very delicious dish, which I'm pretty sure has nearly my daily allotment of calories.

*and really, who doesn't need one?


Matt Smith said...

Sea Otters aren't puppies? [/forlorn]

Chris Miller said...

Sorry to burst your bubble there Matt. I am not surprised that people would confuse the two: both are playful, love to play with a ball, and chase vehicles.