Thoughts on the 2010 NHL Playoffs

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
It's playoff time for hockey. Sadly, many of you are unable to watch a game with me. I would love it very much if you were sitting on my couch as the games unfold, however, that just doesn't always work out. You should know, that if you were seated on my couch you would be regailed with all sorts of wonderful hockey themed thoughts. Just ask Sheena.

Here then, are some of the thoughts that I would be sharing with you if you were here.

1. I find myself caring about a lot of teams right now, that I normally don't care about. Why did I want Buffalo to win? Since when did I ever care about the Buffalo Sabres? Now, for some reason, I seem to care. Or Nashville, why should I care about Nashville? For some reason I now do. Or did. Both those teams were eliminated the night before last.

2. I now have very strong feelings about certain players. Do you know why I want Montreal to beat Washington? It's not because they're a Canadian team, which many Canadians say is why you have to cheer not just for them but for every Canadian team, but because I can't stand Ovechkin. I don't know why I have such strong feelings about him. In March he was a good player. Now I hope he looses badly. I can't really explain this. But I know it has nothing to do with him spraying snow all over that kid before a game in Montreal. While at first glance it made him look kind of jerkish, I bet that kid went home bragging to all his friends about getting sprayed by him. It is perhaps better than a handshake.

3. I love it when they interview rookies. The playoff beard is a wonderful thing. I respect a player a lot more when he's got enough facial hair to protect his neck from a slap shot. I could probably write a whole post on the virtues of the playoff beard. Perhaps one day I will. For now I just want to say that when they interview a player, one of my first thoughts is, Can I grow a better beard than him? Chances are I can out grow a rookie. That makes me feel better about myself because I think that although I don't have the puck prowess, or the ability to skate, or the ridiculous salary, or the general awesomeness that comes with being a professional hockey player, I can out do that guy at something--even if it's something as ridiculous as growing a playoff beard. It probably goes without saying, but playoff beards in women's hockey lacks the awesomeness. But go ahead and rock the playoff leg hair.