Thursday, April 15, 2010
I struggle to grow facial hair.

That's no secret.

I have no problems growing it everywhere else.

That's also no secret.

Some days I'm tempted to cultivate the hair on my big toes so that I can have a goatee.

But maybe there's another option.

I present to you the Carstache.

And now I'm wondering if perhaps this might work out for me. I have a large head. Maybe a carstache is the solution.

Imagine all the cookie crumbs I could save for later in that thing. I could fit a whole Subway sandwich in there.


blackhawkover said...

The absolute best part is that it is blonde, and you are not. Well stached my friend, well stached.

Chris Miller said...

You know, I figured that a blonde mustache wouldn't kill it for anyone. Like anyone is going to look at that picture and go, "Now that has to be fake. There's no way that guy would have a blonde mustache."

Not that I will ever be able to prove it, but I have a lot of red hair in my beard. I wouldn't be so surprised if I had a reddish mustache.

Chris Miller said...
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