Tagging Along For a Journey

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Every play TriBond?

What do these three things have in common:

1. learning why sitting in the front seat of a cab is Argentina is a bad idea
2. watching a tow truck get stuck in a ditch while trying to rescue you
3. L&P

They're all experiences/lessons from travels.

I love travelling.

Some of my best stories come from traveling.

When Sheena and I were talking about what life steps we wanted to accomplish before we had kids, travelling was the only thing on my list. We still have goals that involve travelling. There are parts of the planet, and cultures that we desire to experience. We are not satisfied with simply reading about them.

What I often overlook is that hosting travelers is the next best thing to going on the journey with them.

When you host a traveler you get invited into their journey. As you hear their stories of the places they've been you are taken back to the times you've been there too. And what's more as they tell you of where they are yet to go you get excited with them and at the prospect that you might one day go there too.

Last night we hosted some travelers.

Hearing their stories was wonderful.

But better yet, was being there as they experience something new.

This morning I woke up to snow. No big deal it snows in Canada. I've woken up to snow lots. I used to get excited about that. When I was a kid I would get excited, but today not so much.

You know where it doesn't snow?


Guess where our visitors were from....Uganda.

It's been years since I enjoyed snow that much. And it was gross snow too. It was the greasy, wet stuff that is normally super irritating.

But none of that matters when you're a boy who's never seen snow before.

You'd think it was Christmas the way they ran around screaming with delight. I got a sled out and they rode down the driveway. The driveway was too short to get real speed so they pushed each other. The pusher, however, would often hold on for the ride killing any speed gained. Then they'd laugh as they crashed into the house.

Even brushing snow off the cars was enjoyable.

Oh, and it took zero seconds for the boys to start throwing snow balls. That was awesome too.

*You were thinking Vancouver Olympics weren't you. I know you were.