Sharing Time

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
I feel selfish at times.

some would say that's because I am, at the core of my being, a selfish individual.

I want to overcome that.

Therefore I'm going to share with you some websites that I greatly enjoy.

They might not be for all of you. They might offend. They might cause you great levels of discomfort. They might also be the most ridiculous places you've ever been on the web. They might cause you to waste great amounts of time.

You've been warned.

The first site is one that, once I discovered, Sheena and I went through and looked at every entry. We didn't read a single comment, but we saw every picture. Warning, if you're a fan of bacon you will either find cause to salivate or loose all desire for the smoked meat.

This is why you're fat is a site filled with food items that you know will reduce your life span, and most consist bacon. I think this site is a big part of the reason why bacon consumption has greatly reduced in our household. But there is something wonderful about seeing what others are doing with a meat once primarily reserved for breakfast.

Next up:

Here's the premise: kids being kids. It's wonderful, hilarious, good clean fun. If by clean you mean seeing to what heights kids can get spaghetti? Here's a look.

Then for those of us who love cake as much as we love other being the ones to make a mistake for a change, I bring you cake wrecks.


That's pretty much it. You've got cakes, yummy, (by the way, not a good site to go to when you can't eat cake. You will want cake regardless of how bad it looks.) and you've got mistakes. It's a delicious pair.

And finally, for all of you who "fondly" remember posing with your family for a photo, I bring you

It both really fun and really nice to know that there are families crazier than yours.

Well, I certainly feel better for having let that out. I hope you do too.