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Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Have you ever had one of those moments where you suddenly want to stop taking credit for something? Where previously you were crazy proud, like peacock proud, of an accomplishment, decision, funny comment, or action taken, then suddenly realize you don’t want your name associated with that thing?

I do this all the time.

Maybe I shouldn’t be taking credit for that.

Here’s the most recent scenario: a couple weeks ago Sheena and I decided to paint the room that will become our child’s nursery. Now I’m not much for painting. I can paint, it’s just that I don’t like to. Painting is messy. Painting is a lot of work. Regardless of how careful I am I always get paint on the things that should never have paint on them. Painting also gets me in trouble with my wife.

However, the paint on the wall, while fine and adequate as a wall covering, was plain and boring. We wanted something more babyish. So, painting seemed like the best option especially for my wife who tells me that painting is a bad idea for pregnant ladies.

We then set to choosing a colour. This was not an easy task. We spent hours studying paint samples, and considering how the light handled each one, and if they would go with the rug we bought for the room, and whether or not they were too bright or too drab, or too something else. This was quite a process.

Then one day I was at Wall-Mart and thought, I might as well look at their paint samples. I found one called “Windsurfer.” I liked the name and took it home to show Sheena because I thought there was no way she’d believe that someone actually named a paint could “Windsurfer.”

Sheena liked the colour. She said, “This is the colour for the nursery.”

And I began saying, “I picked out the colour.”

You know, a two inch by three inch piece of coloured paper is far from adequate when it comes to figuring out if the colour is going to be good on every wall of a room.

I purchased the paint and this weekend I became a painting madman. In my head I was Michelangelo with a roller.

Then when it was done I stepped back to admire my work and had to put on sunglasses.

The room is bright: even when it is dark out – even when the lights are off.

I’m not taking credit for finding the paint colour anymore. Instead I’m saying, “Sheena and I choose…” I’m not sure I want my name associated with such things.

If you come to our house we’ll show you the baby’s room and we hand out welding masks before you go in.

I want our kids to be able to sleep through almost anything, but I’m thinking that having them learn to sleep in such an environment might not be the best way.

If anyone has suggestions for decorating in such a way as to tone down a bright paint colour feel free to leave a comment.