Happy 2

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
It's a big day today. Today, September 30, 2008, marks a number of things. Firstly, my wife greeted me this morning with "Happy Anniversary." Oh yeah, I've got that going on today. I was prepared for it. I remembered. Secondly, at 3:30pm today we get keys to our new house. We're so excited.

After four months of being nomads in guest houses and spare bedrooms we have a place of our own. It's shiny and nice and hypoallergenic.

Have I mentioned we're excited?

Actually, there's a lot to be excited about right now. It seems that these past four months have been made up of huge days. But that has us a bit on edge. Experts say that one major life change in a year is about all that a person can handle. But what about four in four months. Since June first we've moved to a new city, both began new jobs, bought a house, and learned that in march we'll be having a baby.

We're holding off on getting pets though. I hear puppies are gateway drugs.

Hopefully we're good on major life changes for a while. I think I'd like some time to enjoy these.