My Body is Not a Smorgasbord

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I was nearly eaten alive on the weekend.

By bugs of course.

I just wanted to make that clear up front.

This is what happens when you venture out into the wilderness without DEET. Fortunately, I appear to be West Nile free: at least for now.

We were told, when I was interviewing for this position, that there are no bugs here. We trusted this bit of information as it came from people who live here. Maybe we trusted this information too much. We hung our whole enjoyment of the outdoors on what we were told.

What those individuals meant to say was that there are no bugs here in Westbank, for they are all over near Lac Le Jeune an hour and a half drive away. When you go over there, you will be a snack for flying, blood thirsty, Chihuahua-sized, bugs. Some of which, I’m sure even had fangs.

These bugs will devour you.

At one point I almost headed to the hospital for stitches because my leg was covered in blood. Turned out I just squished a very full mosquito. Or was it a humming bird?

Let this be a warning to all heading out in to the wilderness near Lac Le Jeune to take bug spray. You can’t say you weren’t warned.