Maybe I’m Cooler Than I Think

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
I write that only because my perceived level of coolness if very low.

Case in point, I thought it would be cool, and uniquely entertaining, to learn a few chords on a ukulele so that I could dress as a ukulele playing bunny and serenade my girlfriend moments before asking her to marry me.

It amazes me she said yes.

There’s a picture of it somewhere.

It’s not cool.

Now and then I pull that ukulele out and mess around with it: even writing and recording a jingle to wake my wife up.

That’s not so cool either.

Then today, I discovered that the ukulele is more popular, and perhaps more cool, then I thought. And maybe my association with it makes me cooler.

I’ve found a number of ukulele orchestras online. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain seems to be the most popular. There’s a fun little video on youtube. There is another Ukulele Orchestra from New Zealand. I wish I knew that before we went. They do a fun version of Hey Ya.

I suppose maybe if I practice hard enough I might be able to join such an orchestra one day. Then I’d be so cool.