getting juicy

Thursday, December 1, 2011
I'm trying to get some writer juices flowing. I have a book report due tomorrow,* a youth talk to write for Monday, a Christmas letter to write, and my goal has always been to post here once a week.

Yet I have to balance writing to get get thoughts flowing, with making sure I don't write so much as to exhaust my brain. This is very tricky.

so instead of many words, how about a picture, which says a thousand of them right?
I can't believe this was back in June. 

And this is two months ago already. Wow. Surprisingly his head hasn't popped of yet, despite all of Makiah's attempts.

Well back to writing more words. And soon, hopefully, there will be words here about a new van. Schooling, And thoughts on my favourite Bible verses right now.

*Wait, you're thinking, doesn't that sound like school work. Yep, it's school work. I've been taking a class.  The first class, or first step you might say, towards a masters degree. Crazy right?  I would love very much to write more about it, but that will have to wait.