Thursday, August 18, 2011
I have a feeling that should Makiah decide to be a sports commentator she'd be very good at it. 

She narrates everything. 


"I'm getting dressed.  I'm taking my shirt off.  I'm putting panties on..."

Sometimes it gets really awkward. 

Last night we went camping. 

This morning, at 6:10 she was awake and desperately needing the potty. I took her. 

She wasn't the only one using the facilities at that hour. There was a gentleman in the stall next to us. And Makiah verbalized everything she heard.

"He flushed the toilet. The toilet's noisy. He flushed it again." 

Also, every time she pronounces her name, she does it as if she's about to hit a game winning home run, or score the biggest goal of her career.  

She building on each syllable, she gets louder as she goes. There's anticipation in it. Like you know, or hope, it ends with a winner. 

Until she reaches her last name, elongating it, with emphasis on the ll's. 


We're also camping tonight and tomorrow night. I'm a bit surprised to see my wife, who's 36 weeks pregnant, so eager to be sleeping 6 inches off the ground. 

I'm sure Makiah will be there narrating any mishaps. 

"Mommy's getting up. Mommy's having trouble getting up. Are you having trouble Mommy? Daddy help Mommy."