Name That Fetus

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
I'm never sure what to call it. It, seems inappropriate. It is the worst possible thing to call your child.

Yet "it" is the only thing that seems to fit right now. We don't know if it's a him or a her. We're pretty sure it's not a "them." All we are certain of is that it is an it.

That being said, I'd like to come up with something better by which to name our fetus. I suggested "#2" but Sheena vetoed that one fast.

And, by they way, "Feeti" was also shot down.

So, I'm hoping that you will help me come up with a name. Consider this a "Name That Fetus" Contest.

Here is a picture of the little guy/girl if that helps. You  can see the face quite well. It's sure a cutie.

Leave a suggestion in the comments and if we* like the name for our fetus you might win a prize**.

Please leave as many suggestions as you like.

Good luck.

*I say "we," because apparently Sheena gets a say too.

**by prize, I mean that you might win a pat on the back and a hearty congratulations next time I see you. If we ever develop a t-shirt that uses the name in a clever way such as "_______________ on board" with a picture from the ultrasound, we'll send you one. But you should know now that the odds of that happening are slim.