Dear Shirt Maker

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Dear Shirt Maker:

I'm sorry.

I saw your shirt, the one pictured here, and I immediately assumed you made a mistake. And then, as I was on the verge of making copious amounts of fun of your error, I thought I should perhaps look into things and I discovered that you, fine shirt maker, are not a failure but are, in fact, far more culturally sensitive to the country of Brazil than I.

I have known for years that the language of Brazil is Portuguese. But I did not know that in Portuguese Brazil is spelled with an "S," and therefore this shirt is far more supportive of all things Brazil than I realized.

And so, dear shirt maker, you have inspired me. I'm feeling compelled that, from this day forth, there is only one right way to spell Brasil.

So thank you shirt maker, for the lesson, the inspiration, and the covering for my hairy chest that I'm certain no one in Rio De Janeiro would ever wear.