Dreams V Nightmares

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Have you ever noticed that what might be just a dream for you, would be a nightmare for someone else?

The other day Sheena was telling me about a dream she had the night before.  The dream involved a wedding she went to in the summer. It was a friend's wedding. There were some similarities between the dream wedding and the real wedding. Most notably, the bride was the same.

However, in the dream version, the bride and her bridesmaids were posing for photos before the ceremony and some of the photos involved drinking the popular drink SOBE.*

That is, until tragedy struck.

Someone spilled the bride's drink all over her dress.

The drink left a stain all down one side and was most noticeable near the bottom of the dress. That is where most of the drink splashed. Sheena explained that the stain was quite large, and a brownish colour. This leads me to believe they were most likely drinking the "Honey Green Tea" flavour: which is an excellent choice.

Anyways, Sheena stepped in to help with the situation but besides buying an incredible amount of Tide-to-go pens there was not much she could offer.

And that was when I woke Sheena up abruptly ending her dream.

As you can tell, it was one of those funny, weird little dreams that seem to mean nothing. There was no psychological impact on Sheena. She woke happy except for the fact that she wanted to know how it ended.

It struck me as funny that for Sheena this was just a dream.  If something like this happened on the morning of our wedding it would have been a nightmare. I'm sure if the bride from the dream had dreamt the same thing, she would have been horrified and ensured the wedding would be a beverage free environment.

I guess what is "just a dream" for one person could be a horrifying nightmare for another.

*I'm not sure why Sobe was featured so prominently in my wife's dream. I do not believe that any portion of the dream or actually wedding was sponsored by the brand.