When is it too early to brag about your kids?

Monday, October 27, 2008

You hear a lot of parents brag about their kids every time the child learns a new trick. And let's face it, a trick, for the most part, is really all they are doing. At first anything they learn is just for the entertainment of the parents. Parents say "Where's your nose?" and scream with glee when the kid manages to connect finger with nose within the next couple minutes. The child tries to get it right not because they care where their nose is, or what it can do for them, but because, I'm assuming, they like to answer questions correctly. No one likes to be wrong at any age.

One of the "talents" you often hear parents bragging about is the ability to blow kisses. I'll admit that I find it cute when a toddler can blow a kiss. I saw a child today who learned this skill really young.

How young you ask?

In utero.

That's right I saw a baby on the ultrasound blowing kisses.

And why was I there looking at the ultrasound? Was I job shadowing? No! Do I break into ultrasound offices as some sort of a twisted hobby? Of course not!

I was there to see my child. That's right, my kid is already blowing kisses. And at about 18 or 19 weeks. Take that!

Of course, at the rate at which my child's intellect is increasing I fully expect it to be better than me at math by age four.