Knowledge Barns

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

“Wise men store up knowledge” – Proverbs 10:14a

Usually, when I think of storing things up, my mind is filled with images of provisions for the winter, such as vast amounts of wood for the fire and a pantry filled with jars of food, or I think of huge grain silos filled with grain. These are all things that I don’t want to run out of. That’s what we store up right: things that we don’t want to run out of?

Knowledge has never been something I’d think to store up. It never seems to be something that could run out. The writer of proverbs seems to think differently. In fact, wise men (and certainly wise women) store up knowledge. Store it up so that you always have it. Store it up so that you’re never without knowledge.

Perhaps it's time to build a knowledge pantry and fill some jars for a long winter.