Thursday, April 24, 2008
Sometimes I’m tempted to think that my being right with God is easy. All I have to do is have faith (a.k.a. trust) that a man long ago, who was God, took care of everything and made it all possible: my being right with God. As long as I leave it at that everything seems easy.

But trust isn’t so easy.

I’ll “trust” that it’s done, that faith makes me right, but for good measure let me add to that reading of the scriptures, going to church, tithing, feeding the poor, not shopping on Sunday, praying five times a day, and reading to blind kids. That’s a mouthful. Let me just sum it up (it being all that I’m going to do to win God’s favour) with the word religion.

While all these things are good, and, to some degree, part of how we should live, we must honestly ask ourselves how often we are trusting more in them for salvation. Our trust is to be in God not us: in what God did not what we can do.

Sometimes taking care of things myself can seem easier than trusting that God took care of it all. But I wasn’t made for religion. I was made for relationship. I can’t help but think that religion is a hindrance to having a relationship with God.

Perhaps I need to spend more time learning to trust, than relying on myself.