thoughts on an all too common job description

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
A co-worker handed me a posting for a job the other day. (I’m not sure if perhaps this warrants some discussion of another kind.) I thought I would share the contents of that posting with you as I’m not sure if this is serious or not. The posting read:

Wanted – Youth pastor

A go-getter, a person of passion, a visionary, a leader of youth, a person who will solve all our problems


To the church who posted the job, I have but this to say: “good luck with that.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that add is somewhat tongue in cheek, but it reminds me of just how often we fall into the trap of “one thing more,” and we get thinking that all our problems will be solved once we acquire that “one thing more.” We say, “If we hire this person all the problems will be fixed”, or convince ourselves that new love seat will make life complete.

But our problems don’t go away once we get more.

When we finally pause to asses the situation, we often find ourselves with heaps of stuff, and even more problems, because, not only are the old issues still present, we now need to figure out how to move all our acquisitions with us.

Perhaps we expect from stuff, and people as well, things they were never designed to do or be. Just ask my wife if her problems were solved when she married me. Nothing ever seems to come with the same level of satisfaction advertiser’s promise.

I’m often wondering if I’d have fewer problems if I had fewer things. Maybe I need to stop wondering and find some answers. If “only one thing is needed,” why do I have so much?